A Little Note From Katy

it's about that time again....when everyone is getting their family pictures ready for your photo christmas cards. it's one of my favorite times of the year, and i've loved creating meaningful cards that you send out to your family and friends. I started creating holiday photo cards 8 years ago. I have seen marriage announcements, birth announcements, even the announcements of loss. i've watched families grow and i've loved it. it has been a joy for me. 

I have made the difficult decision to no longer create photo christmas cards anymore. trust me, there were tears involved and it was very hard for me to actually follow through with this. this would have been my 9th year creating cards for you all, and I can feel how tightly I have been holding onto this aspect of KGD. however, as my kids get older and life gets crazier and my business gets bigger, it is hard to know where to draw the line and how to balance everything. if I continue to do photo christmas cards, my kids don't get quality time with me during the holidays. if I say no to christmas cards, I miss out on following along with your families another year. when I weighed the two options, it was pretty obvious: my kids need the best of me at all times and not the stressed out, overworked, scatterbrained mama they're used to at the holidays.

I am not sure if this is a forever decision, but this is the decision for 2019. I have already had numerous people asking when the cards will be in the shop, so here's the answer to that. :) I will miss seeing your beautiful pictures this year! but I can already tell you the excitement I feel over getting to enjoy the christmas magic with my kids a little bit more than usual. 

enjoy the season, friends. soak it up. drink eggnog, watch Home Alone, sing Christmas carols (but not Last Christmas). let your hearts be light and full at the same time. and let your hearts also prepare Him room. thank you for letting me create your Christmas cards for 8 joyful years. 

also! have no fear. we will have an entire holiday line of greeting cards, prints and more dropping to the KGD shop on november 1 and throughout the rest of the month. stay tuned. we love you!